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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is d. w.'s live from berlin the suspect in the toronto van attack appears in court judges charged twenty five year old alec manasse and with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder after a vehicle killed ten people and injured many more on monday we'll take you live to toronto also on the program u.s. president to donald trump welcomes francis in money well macro talks of the white house trade syria on the iran nuclear deal are on the agenda can they find common ground amidst the pump on the ceremony. helping victims of war torn syria
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conflict enters its eight year international fundraising strike begins today in brussels can it make any difference. i'm phil gal welcome to the program the man suspected of driving a van into pedestrians in toronto canada has been charged with multiple counts of premeditated murder and attempted murder i think manasse and is believed to have driven his vehicle into pedestrians on monday killing ten and injuring at least fifteen police have yet to establish a motive for the attack the authorities playing down any link to terrorism meanwhile there's been price for toronto police for their restraint and professionalism in not shooting the suspect who appeared to be carrying a gun is kind of just prime minister justin trudeau. canadians across the country
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are. shocked and saddened by this senseless tragedy and attack. we can be. comforted. in seeing the extraordinary response of our first responders. folks who stepped up with courage and ability and ensured that. in the in the face of such terrible tragedy and attacks we. are. pulling together and trying to find answers while keeping people safe and we have extraordinary folks across the country and our police services and our intelligence agencies who work hard every day to keep canadian say and they will continue to do just fine before suggest how things would work for kind of this public service broadcaster c.b.c. he joins us from toronto welcome alex manasse and appeared in court this morning.
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good morning there phil another difficult day in toronto so twenty five year old alec the nasty end was in court still he was wearing a white forensic jumpsuit and was handcuffed now the reason he was wearing that white forensic jumpsuit is because those are put on any time and accuse clothing is taken as part of the investigation so that happened in this case by nasty and spoke his name a loudly confidently he was alert still we should also point out they did hear that there was one family member for in courts reports going around are that it was his father now that man was weeping. during the as the charges were read out to twenty five year old alec nasty and still we can tell you that zach you'll be back in court later in name police have a closer to establishing a motive. no not at this point still there are still going over all the details but to give you
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a sense of perhaps the mind frame that the accused twenty five year old alex in that scene was in during this is during that confrontation with policemen s.c.n. had what appeared to be a gun possibly a cellphone that's now all part of the investigation and he was essentially police on telling them to shoot him to kill him we are hearing from some of former high school colleagues. sorry i'm just going to turn this on. c.n.n. may have had. issues while he was in high school phil to interrupt so thank you. thank you so much. for france's presence of manual macrumors on the second day of his u.s. visit to where he's been meeting his u.s. counterpart donald trump the talks in washington a tough topics on the agenda including the iran nuclear deal right out of some the war in syria the meeting at the white house started off with pomp and ceremony as
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mr trump pulled out of the stalls emanuel mccraw it seems the u.s. president's closest contact. with trump was a few syfy these praise for what he called america's oldest ally france and hailed what he said was a wonderful of friendship with mr mccraw. mr president they're all saying what a great relationship we have and they're actually correct it's not fake news finally it's not fake news so it's a great honor to be here but we do have a very special relationship in fact i get that this has been for. little peace we have to make them perfectly is perfect so it is really it is really great to be with you and your special friends thank you thank you thank you. thank you. thank you very much mr president i want to think president friends and your country your people for this very well might come this wonderful ceremony.
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this goes to what washington we're joined on the hob and a welcome alexander so those two men seem to be asking very very well what's the explanation for this apparent chemistry between them. well yes indeed what we saw today this small gesture as the president smiling at each other shaking hands holding their hands for a couple of seconds during the world come ceremony here at the white house. itself all that shows that the leaders were able to establish a good report and it is to you to president calls personally persistent efforts attempts to courts president he's taken a much softer line towards president than european leaders he stressed that those men have something in common they both were member of the political system
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he argued that it is crucial and fundamental for europe to have a very good relationship with the united states despite all differences and he's apparently been successful because those men really seems to have a good personal connection however it is also risky for the french president if he gives too much to president and gets little in return. about the iran nuclear deal one of the topics that are likely to be on the discussion what can we expect. all we can expect that the french president will have a few fixes for perch on the iran deal to deliver to president. so that he thinks it is a win and we are hearing that the european and american negotiators have made progress
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on side agreements that would lay out snoozed for iran to meet or to face sanctions again however what to be so today in the oval office during the meeting between president and president my point is that the president once again double down on iran saying that it is a terrible deal that it was ridiculous in saying to agree to this deal because it didn't deal with iran in places like syria or year because it didn't deal with iran's missile program but he said that he is ready to talk about the president and on trade what is president trump likely to do about exemptions to his new trade tariffs the deadline is the first of may. well we don't know whether he is going to get if the europeans. exemptions
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and the extension of this terrorist a permanent exemptions that's of course what's the europeans want this is a very important issue for president also for the german chancellor who is due to visit in the white house on friday. in washington thank you. now is take a look at some of the other stories that are making news around the world dozens of people have been injured in their homes damaged following an earthquake in southeastern turkey at least thirty five people suffered injuries in the quake the five point one magnitude event struck the province of the young man was also felt in neighboring provinces. dramatic pictures of been released of migrants being rescued in the mediterranean sea italian coast guard say sixty three people drowned after a boat capsized on monday the u.n. says around eight thousand two hundred people have arrived via sea crossing to italy as yes or five. hundred firefighters are fighting more than fifty
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wildfires that have broken out across russia the worst situation is in the country's far east where fires usually flare up as winter snows melt. and the baby name guessing game has begun in mr royal watchers in britain placing bets on prince william and the duchess of cambridge's new baby boy and james are the bookmakers favorites prince x. the fifth in line to the british throne. the united nations has told a donor conference in brussels that a fresh humanitarian crisis in syria must be avoided delegates were told that the rebel held region of labor is likely to be the regime's next target un syria and voice stuff and de mistura e.u. foreign policy chief for the record warned that the water the region is not a chessboard and that peace has to be built by the syrian people tensions escalated
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after a suspected chemical weapons attack in duma earlier this month western states applying damascus the regime denies responsibility and suggested the incident was staged stuff and i'm a story says recent asterix in response to the alleged chemical attack have not improved the situation. we have seen in the last few weeks. we have seen it with. that needed three games to total gauge military escalation not bring a political solution not build any change on the political will on the contrary we are going through a very different moment. millions of putting differences aside to the killing of one and a half million citizens a century ago. thousands of people marched through the streets of iran to a hillside memorial to commemorate the mascot that become one hundred and three years ago it comes just a day after protesters and the opposition force the country's new prime minister to
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resign. in sport the champions league football tournament gets down to the semifinals this week the bonds as they because of by and munich will host relm attrit in the first leg match up tomorrow tonight though it's liverpool hosting roma all eyes are on the liverpool superstar mo salah who played for roma just last season egyptian international is fresh from being named the english premier season's players' player of the. most the love returns to italy is one of the world's hottest talents to gyptian has been on fire this season scoring forty one goals across all competitions unlading liverpool to an unlikely champions league semifinal spots. knows all drama teammates won't be giving him any favors into knots class but he is confident his star men will broad's above the challenge . football i've pretty sure. each of you and your friends are famous
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for. not having friendly games so i think mobile will feel pretty early in the game that they are not his teammates anymore and then he can strike back in a football way that would. have fared pretty well without this season they knocked out in the quarterfinals overturning a four one first leg deficit i think that will go down as one of the competitions greatest comebacks and they're ready to flex their muscles once again this is ryan his first semifinal in europe's premier competition since nineteen eighty-four apart as little poor haven't reached this stage since two thousand and eight. it's a big thing semifinal like it is for us so that means we are not used to that that's good we don't experience that's not good but we are not used to that means you will see the excitement of both teams in a positive way and it's all football should be unfamiliar territory for both sides
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the dream to make history sets the scene for a cracking contest. and just before we go the video of a daring escape and an intense hunt for a fugitive this seven month old female giraffe stuck its neck out trying to reach freedom state of indiana it's still not known how it broke free from its enclosure at the fort wayne children's zoo it did not get all zoo prophecy was finally corralled by staff. and taken. with him on the top stories i pace out of court in toronto house charge the driver of the bomb vests who plowed into pedestrians with multiple counts of murder and attempted to move his vehicle killed ten people and injured fifteen more with mounted the plate until monday police are investigating the drivers most of them sort of play down any links to timers. that's it you're up to date on the move to the top of the hour where we'll
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be covering the press conference after training manual of microcode affronts and the president of trump all the players i got the united states i will have just before the top of the out in fact i do something good to. we make up we watch as i feel the under educated we all this summer some of us are . being one to share the continents future to be part of it and join youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa.


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